Sherrie Farnsworth, 34

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“I often say I need what I like to call ‘Mountain Therapy’”

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t without some level of anxiety. Throughout various events in my life, anxiety has either been at the forefront, completely taking over, or just running in the background.

It never truly goes away; like a cold sore lying dormant until something triggers it to emerge. It hasn’t just affected my mental and emotional health, it’s also has a very physical impact; having cracked teeth from clenching my teeth, reflux and suffering terribly from IBS.

In 2013 my husband and I celebrated our Baptism by going to the Lake District for the first time. I was so amazed with how beautiful our country is; the lakes that captured perfect reflections, the sense of breathing in fresh air and the stunning natural beauty in the mountains that all looked so inviting.

I didn’t realise I had such a passion for the outdoors that gave me such a great feeling of freedom and happiness that I wanted to experience more of.

I often say I need what I like to call ‘Mountain Therapy’. When I'm feeling really low, I know that being in the freedom of the great outdoors is just what I need. It makes a noticeable difference to my mood and have often felt sad to tears at the thought of coming back to everyday busy London living. 

Whether I’m at ground level appreciating the views around me or making my way up towards a hard-earned summit cairn, the mountains for me are a natural remedy and even though it hurts physically to climb at times, I know it’s doing my mind the world of good.”

Oli Reed