"If a friend is struggling – invite them out!"


TV presenter and Mountains for the Mind supporter Julia Bradbury explains why simply encouraging a friend or family member to walk with you can have a hugely positive impact on their mental health.

“If you’re somebody who’s passionate about the outdoors,” says Julia. “Reaching out and extending an olive branch to a friend or family member who’s struggling or going through a tough time can make a bigger difference to them than you might realise.

“It may seem like a small thing to you, but for someone who isn’t particularly outdoorsy and doesn’t spend as much time walking or climbing mountains as you do, just being out in nature could be a huge help.

“Whether it’s a short walk, exploring a woodland or climbing a mountain with a group of friends – just invite them. There’s a real camaraderie in being outdoors together, it’s incredibly fulfilling.

“All you have to do is laugh together and share the experience – you don’t even need to bring up mental health. Just inviting someone is the big first step.”

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Oli Reed